Katelyn is another one that doesn’t like someone else to take her picture, unless she knows it’s going to happen.  Coordination is tough sometimes, but it sure makes the “portrait” style photos turn out better.  She’s a natural in front of the camera.  Katelyn, thank you for the photo!




Hannah is a tough one to get a picture of without her permission.  So now I try to ask before even trying, and it’s such an easier time.  She doesn’t always like to have her picture taken.  I’m not sure why – see, she’s beautiful.  Also, we usually have to agree that the picture is a good one before I can keep it, but I always think they’re good.  Thanks for letting me take your photo Hannah.



After we finished the Awana hay ride, and were getting ready for the food, I was able to take a photo of several people.  I’ll be adding a different photo each day for the next several days.  To start off, here’s a wonderful photo of Grace.  The setting sun provided just the perfect light.  Grace, thank you for letting me take your photo.

Mr. McPeak


For our Awana hay ride on 10/25, we were hosted by Melissa’s parents.  Above is a picture of her father, Mr. McPeak.  They were such gracious hosts, and we really enjoyed being there.  The views from the cabin are incredible.  Cooking hot dogs over the fire was a lot of fun, and the roasted marshmallows were especially tasty.  Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. McPeak for the great time.

Cutie! (Marilyn)


This photo was taken back in the summer at the beginning of Vacation Bible School.  Marilyn is such a sweet little girl, and very photogenic.  I think her eyes show so much enthusiasm for having her picture taken.  That makes it so much easier to get a great photo, and so much more fun too.  Thanks Marilyn!!

Old Chevrolet Truck


Our church’s Awana group had the annual hay ride on Saturday in Floyd County.  We met at the church parking lot, and took several vehicles over to the Indian Valley area.  We then split up into two groups.  The larger group was on the hay wagon pulled by a tractor.  The smaller group was in the back of a large truck filled with hay.  The ride then lasted for about 30 minutes, and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  The peak of the fall color was probably last week, or even the week before, but there were still so many colorful areas of the mountains to make this trip very enjoyable.  We passed by several places where I wished I could stop and snap a photo, but couldn’t.  I took the picture of this Chevrolet truck while we were driving by, and it came out quite nice.  Can anyone tell me what model year this truck is?


Barn & Field

 I love this picture, espcially in black and white.  I can think back to when I was a child, and it reminds me of the small “barn” near my house.  I remember there being hay, and some horse feed in it.  I can remember the mixed smell of warm hay and cracked corn.  Does this picture bring back memories for anyone else?  Please tell me about them – I’d love to hear.