Clover Hollow Christian Church


This church is located near Newport in Giles County, Virginia.  The church was constructed in the early 1920’s.  It is no longer used today.  I was able to speak with the owner of the building a few days ago and learn some of the history of the church.  I hope to be able to go inside and take some photos too.  If I get the opportunity to take some inside photos, I’ll post them and provide some additional historical background.  Any comments on the building?



Sunset and Purple Sky


This is a photo of the City of Radford.  The setting sun and the cloud cover combined to provide a beautiful purple sky.  Many of the buildings in the foreground of this photo are part of Radford University.  Radford is also known as the “The New River City” since it directly borders the New River.  This photo was taken from across the New River, in Pulaski County.  



Country Barn


Here’s a photo of a barn in Giles County.  This barn belongs with the farmhouse posted a couple of days ago.  I spoke with someone today who know some of the history behind the grand ol’ house.  I hope to post some additional information later on – unless he does it for me through the comments.  Stay tuned…

Virginia Tech War Memorial


Here’s a black & white photo of a sunset at the Virginia Tech War Memorial.  It’s located at the northeastern end of the drillfield on the campus of Virginia Tech.  This was taken on Saturday, November 24, 2008.  It was a difficult picture to capture since I was looking directly into the sun, and I was trying to get an angle that blocked some of the sun.  There were also lots of people walking around the memorial, and I was trying to avoid them.  I think the image turned out pretty good.

Deer Hunting


Just a couple of quick photos of the deer I “shot” on the way home from church this morning.  This was near our back yard.  I couldn’t zoom in too much ’cause I had the wrong lens, but at least the digital zoom worked on the computer.


Old Farmhouse – Virginia History


We were driving along the back roads of Giles County, and we went by this house.  I had been along this road before, and I vaguely remember seeing this house.  But this time was different.  Yes, I saw the house again with my eyes.  But this time, I also saw it with my thoughts. 

I started thinking about its history.  I saw the grand columns and the smaller columns.  I saw the overall large size of the house.  I saw the front porch, the steps, the handrails, and the upstairs porch.  I saw the steep-pitched roof with the dormers.  I saw the chimneys and thought of the fireplaces probably located throughout the house.  I saw the acres and acres of pasture land surrounding it. 

I wondered when it was built and who built it.  I wondered how many families had lived there over the years.  I wondered so many things, all in just a moment as we passed by.


Thanksgiving Banquet For International Students (Part 2)

At Virginia Tech on November 13, 2008 [Sponsored by Campus Bible Fellowship]

The idea was to provide traditional Thanksgiving food to the international students.  There were a lot of people who prepared food for the banquet.  The serving tables were set up at both ends of the room.


Just some of the food:  Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, cole slaw, potato salad.   


Lots of food.

We were then presented with a Gospel message from Pastor Korns.  He followed the message by creating a wonderful piece of art using chalk.  Below is a photo of the completed drawing.


Then, after discussing THE one and only way in the drawing, he explained that the person on the right side was showing the way, but the person to the left side couldn’t see it.  The WAY has to be seen through faith.


He then began to adjust the lighting, and then you could see the Way.

The Bible says in John chapter 14 that Thomas asked Jesus how you can know the way.  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”