Old Farmhouse – Virginia History


We were driving along the back roads of Giles County, and we went by this house.  I had been along this road before, and I vaguely remember seeing this house.  But this time was different.  Yes, I saw the house again with my eyes.  But this time, I also saw it with my thoughts. 

I started thinking about its history.  I saw the grand columns and the smaller columns.  I saw the overall large size of the house.  I saw the front porch, the steps, the handrails, and the upstairs porch.  I saw the steep-pitched roof with the dormers.  I saw the chimneys and thought of the fireplaces probably located throughout the house.  I saw the acres and acres of pasture land surrounding it. 

I wondered when it was built and who built it.  I wondered how many families had lived there over the years.  I wondered so many things, all in just a moment as we passed by.



3 Responses

  1. I believe this is the Farrier’s farmhouse. There were Farrier’s that went to Giles High School in the early 90’s or late 80’s that may have lived there.

  2. My mom & her friend say:
    Looks like the Farrier home in Clover Hollow, Newport, not far from Larry Snidow’s aunt and uncle , Alva and Doak Lucas.

  3. VT Jenny, thanks for the info. Yes, it’s in Clover Hollow. Do you much more about the history of the house? I know Jim Lucas that lives near there, and he told me some brief info about, but I still plan to talk with him more about it too.

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