Flashback Friday – Great Blue Heron

This “Flashback Friday” image was captured in July of 2006.  This Great Blue Heron (GBH as our family likes to call them) was flying just above the water from the outfall of a dam on the Little River in Radford, Virginia.  I had been trying to capture an acceptable image of the elusive GBH for several months.  They are very skiddish, and always seemed to fly just before I snapped the shutter.  This time, I saw it perched near the dam, but it was too far away to get any kind of image, and also too far away to make it fly away.  After about 20 minutes waiting for it to fly, some fishermen came to the area, and as they walked closer to it, the GBH took to the air and flew right by me.  The bank where I was standing was probably 30 feet highter than the water level.  That meant that I was looking down on it when it flew by.  I was able to get about 4 photos as it flew by, but this one was the only keeper.  I was very satisfied with it in the viewer on the back of the camera, and I could see that the feathers showed up really well.  Have a great weekend, and let me know what you think.


©Bryant Altizer Photography – Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford – Wedding Photographer, Portrait Photographer

One Response

  1. Wow…..that is a nice photograph! It actually resembles a painting in a major sense. Quite dramatic with the churning waters adding a great backdrop. I can certainly see why you’re so proud of it.

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