Valentine Shadows

Here’s a photograph of a young couple having a quick meal together at a picnic table under the shelter at Bisset Park in Radford, Virginia.  After I had walked past, I turned back toward them while I was leaving and grabbed this quick shot.  The top of the shelter provided the blackened “frame” at the top, and the shadow of the shelter provided the bottom part of the “frame”.  I darkened both of the “frames” to provide a bit more dramatic image.


©Bryant Altizer Photography

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2 Responses

  1. Nice. There’s something almost cinematic about this one. Love the wide crop.


  2. Thanks Chris. I wanted to walk up to them on the way past and ask to take a couple of photos of them from the front. But they seemed to be in deep discussion, so I decided not too. However, I think the view from this side was better, and I didn’t have to bother them.

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