Flashback Friday – Country Farmhouse at Sunset

This image of a hilltop farmhouse was captured in October of 2006.  It’s located in a beautiful area of Pulaski County, Virginia.  The setting sun provided the warm color, and I was lucky to be there at the right time.  Ten minutes later, and the direct sunlight would have already been gone.  Have a great weekend.

bha15850m1-8x10©Bryant Altizer Photography

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3 Responses

  1. A beautiful photograph, and at the right moment to capture the wonderful light. Well done. I am also from Central Virginia.

  2. That red really pops.


  3. Thanks Robert and iheartfilm, This is one of my favorite photos. The orientation of this on my blog just doesn’t do it justice. If you have a browser that can make the size bigger by zooming in, try it that way.
    Bryant Altizer

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