Puffy Clouds & Green Pasture

On Wednesday evening, I stopped on the way home from work and made a few images that I’m really pleased with.  The sun angle was almost perfect, and the clouds in the sky almost didn’t look real.  I captured several photos, and I plan to post each one of them over the next couple of days.  It’s not very often that each one that I take comes out as a keeper.  Enjoy, let met know what you think, and check back for the next few.




bha57655web©Bryant Altizer Photography

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5 Responses

  1. Nice clouds 😀

  2. Thanks Drewe. It was a wonderful site.

  3. Wow, great shots, esp. the first one! I love the tranquil scenery and the dream-like clouds. Clouds always fascinate me. =)

  4. I love farm land. Get out in the fresh air and make a day of it.. Great shots love the clouds.

  5. Melisa & atoz, Thanks for the comments. From the blue sky to the “almost surreal” clouds, to the green pasture – couldn’t have asked for better.

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