Hogan’s Bridge

You might have been thinking about Augusta National Golf Club when you saw this title.  When I hear “Hogan’s Bridge”, I automatically think about the walk across Rae’s Creek to the twelfth green at Augusta National.  I love watching the Masters on TV each year, and watching the puzzled looks on the guys’ faces when they try to figure out what the wind is doing at that moment for that tricky, short Par 3 hole. I also love hearing “Hogan’s Bridge” mentioned so many times on the broadcast.  I always make Hogan pay attention when they might get ready to say it.  He gets a kick out of it too.  I hope to go with Hogan and watch a practice round some day, and thus be able to get a photo of the bridge, with Hogan in the photo too.  I guess I’ll finally end up buying a couple of tickets since I gave up years ago trying to get any by the lottery system.

But this photo doesn’t have anything to do with any of that.  Hogan (full name Benjamin Hogan Altizer) and I were geocaching near the former/old Whitewood High School in Buchanan County on April 10th.  We found the cache, and then took a couple of photos on the bridge next to the parking lot.  The first photo has a little different look with an angled camera position.



©Bryant Altizer Photography

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