Golden Sunrise

Yesterday morning, I had to be at work by 6:15 to be able to make a trip to a meeting about 2 hours away.  As I was arriving to work, the sun was just beginning to pop out from the horizon.  I made the quick drive up to the top of the small hill near our office, and positioned myself to capture a few images.  This was the first one that I shot, and it was definitely the best.  Within just a few seconds after this photo, the sun popped up above the trees, and the exposure was really hard to control.  I was parked along the side of the road, so I didn’t have much time to chase the light.  I’m still happy with this one though, and I especially love the color gradient from the bright yellow to the deep orange.  This was taken in Christiansburg, Virginia.

BHA58328Web©Bryant Altizer Photography

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One Response

  1. Very nice!

    I agree, the color gradient “makes” the photo – providing perfect framing.

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