Flashback Friday – Philippines 2005 – #3

Continuing in the series for the next few Flashback Fridays, this is another photograph from my 2005 visit to the Philippines.  This photograph was taken in July while I was on the island of Mindanao.  I was traveling with a group from our church.  This image shows the kind of vegetation in the area where we were.  This is considered a rain forest, and I can attest to the amount of rain that we received while we were there for 10 days.  This was taken just after a quick rainstorm passed over.  Check back next Friday for another one, and have a great weekend.

(If you would like to see the other posts for the Philippines, just search for it in the upper right corner above “Blogroll” or click Here for #2 in the series)


©Bryant Altizer Photography

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