Church Near Mountain Lake

This church is located on Mountain Lake Road, on the right-hand side of the road on the way up to Mountain Lake.  I’ve taken quite a few photos of this church over the years.  It’s really hard for me to drive by and not stop to at least gaze at its beauty.  I love the way this church looks, especially with the evening sun.  The bottom one in black and white looks pretty good too.  The sign over the front door says “Sherry Memorial Christian Church, Built 1903”.




©Bryant Altizer Photography


4 Responses

  1. This is a very nice church. Beautiful early 20th century place of worship. Simple, no gigantic stain-glass windows. No fancy materials used for decoration. The most simplest churches are, to me, the best because it’s just that….simple. No gold or delicate jewels. Just wood and stone. Nothing to be envious about. Great shot!

  2. ItIt is beautiful indeed. Its architecture differs from those (wooden) churches in Finland. Its color is not generally used in Finland. We have red yellow wooden churches.

    Lovely photos.

  3. I’d love to see some photos of the churches in Finland…do you have any photos of a church?

  4. Hello.

    I am very glad that You asked me to show some photos from Finnish churches. The fact is that You are the second one. People love our churches when they see photos from them, because they differ so much from those which are in other countries. I know that this sounds odd, but it is true and You’ll agree it with me.

    Until now I have photographed 388 churches since 2004. I try to take also inside photos, but it is not possible always due to our winter. I divide churches in many categories like: wooden, stone, cathedrals etc. Our bell towers are separated in many cases from churches (4 posts). They are unique. In churches I see the beauty and it is just that what inspires me.

    I have selected to You 3 wooden churches, 3 stone churches, Altars in Finland, Pulpits in Finland, Chandeliers in Finland and two posts showing our memorials. They differ from those which are shown in many countries. How? In them one can see how house wives mourn their fallen husbands, children crying and suffering solders. War is raw and that is why in our memorials we are presenting the human pain and suffering, not heroes.

    Take Your time, maybe two hours, to make a photographic trip around in my country. The tour from which You could not dream ever. You’ll be amazed and You are not the only one.

    100 Angels’ church

    Old wooden church of Keuruu

    Old wooden church of Petajavesi

    St. Henry’s church

    Church of Hollola

    Church of Tenhola




    Memorials 1

    Memorials 2

    Bell towers 1

    Bell towers 2

    Bell towers 3

    Bell towers 4

    I could have presenting world’s biggest wooden church or wooden church made by artist, but I think that when You wondering my photos then You start slowly to understand how beautiful and different our world can be.

    Enjoy my photos and the stories with them.

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