Lightning in Purple Sky

This is my FIRST lightning ever captured on camera (well, still camera that is-I got a VERY close strike on video while in Jamaica) and this was captured handheld while resting the camera on the door of the car.  I pressed the shutter button as soon as I saw the lightning begin and was able to capture this much.  Out of the 6 great strikes that I saw, this was the only one that I was fast enough to capture.  This was taken on Sunday night, July 18th, 2010, during an impressive lightning storm.

Lighting Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Time flies by, like lightning.  Make sure you capture a lasting memory? Contact me.

2 Responses

  1. This is a rare capture! Great job! I’ve not been so fortunate, yet. But in So Cal, we don’t see much lightning. Gtreat job.

  2. Thanks photographyfree4all!. I sure have “wasted” lots of time over many years attempting to “catch” the lightning. It was worth the wait, but now I want something even better 🙂

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