Smoke – Free Desktop Background

These are a few smoke photos taken back in October one evening when I had a few minutes of free time.  Hannah Mae helped me with the set up, and I think she enjoyed watching the results come up on the back of the camera as much as I did.  I’ve used a couple of these as backgrounds on my desktop…feel free to do the same and let me know what you think if you do.  {Click on the image to bring it up full size, then right click and save as desktop image}

Purple Smoke

Green Smoke

Red Smoke

Yellow Smoke

Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke Swirl

©Bryant Altizer Photography

Photography in the New River Valley. Contact me.



Butterfly, Don’t Fly Away

This monarch butterfly was just a short time out of the chrysalis and was not quite ready to fly away.  That allowed me to get some pretty good photos.  The evening sun was low in the sky and the warm light of the golden hour made the orange and yellow of the butterfly “explode” in the middle of these fall mums.  This was taken on October 14, 2010.  Click on the images to see the spectacular color up close.

Children Grow Up Fast

Children Grow Up Fast

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Children grow up fast…get a portrait before they fly away. Contact me.