Foggy Pond Evening

The Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech is situated along the New River in Pulaski County, Virginia.  If you pick any location along the New River, it’s likely that there will be many days where fog is present.  This 6th day of December was such a day.  When I was driving to my house that evening, I noticed that a “strip” of fog was along the New River, and when I got closer to my home, I could just visualize some great photos of the tall trees along the river with completely dense fog behind them.  It would have been a neat photo.  By the time I got inside the house to get my camera, the fog location had already changed and had completely covered the golf course area also.  I decided to go ahead and grab a few photos anyway, and this was one of them.  The location is at the pond along hole #2 looking back toward the tee box.  It turned out pretty good, but was completely different than what it would have been only 10 minutes earlier.  Enjoy.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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