Blacksburg Vista

This image is a view of Ellett Valley as seen from Blacksburg on the evening of January 27, 2012.  What a stunning vista is was too.

Blacksburg Photographer

©Bryant Altizer Photography
What a beautiful background for a portrait session.  Contact me.

Rainy Day = Rainbow

One of the best parts of rainy days are the clouds, but also the possibility of the sun coming out and providing a rainbow.  January 27, 2012 was that kind of day in Blacksburg, Virginia.  I drove quite a few streets away from Main Street to find a place without lots of power lines or trees blocking the view.

Blacksburg Rainbow

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Genesis 9:12-17

Virginia Tech – President’s House

These two images show the beauty of the President’s House on the campus of Virginia Tech.  What a gorgeous January day (1/27/12) it was to capture these two photographs.

Virginia Tech Photographer

Virginia Tech Photographer

©Bryant Altizer Photography
What a beautiful campus for a portrait session.  Contact me.

Old Glory – Windy Day

This image of the U.S. flag was captured yesterday, and the wind sure was strong.  I was in Christiansburg, Virginia when I took this photo.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Such a beautiful flag.

Dilapidated Barn

For all us barn lovers, here’s another.  I don’t know which I like better – pristine barns with lots of color or differently shaped, or old simple barns falling apart from age and neglect.  This barn is located in Christiansburg, Virginia, and the image was made on January 26, 2012.

Christiansburg Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
What a warm day yesterday was…would’ve been great for a January Engagement Session.  Contact me.

Plane Blue Sky

This small plane was the only thing in the sky on the 2nd of December (2011).  I love blue sky days.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Beautiful days make beautiful portraits too.  Contact me.

Field of Fog

This corn field just beside the New River was recently cut and allowed the fog to be visible along the ground early yesterday morning.  I think if I would have been there about 30 minutes earlier, the image may have been even more spectacular than this.  This field is on the Montgomery County side of the New River near Fairlawn.  Happy Wednesday to you.

Montgomery County Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Fields of dreams…and portrait possibilities.  Contact me.