Hogan…among many names

While walking past the walls and walls of names at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, my eye was suddenly caught by the name “Hogan”, which is my son’s name.  It’s quite amazing how the human eye can pick out a name or word when looking at a large number of written words.  I am sure that each one of these names has a story to tell, and I tried to press that upon the kids in my group as we walked past.  I heard a couple of “wow”s, and even “there’s so many names”, so I think they had a new appreciation for the sacrifices made.  If you look closely, I had Hogan stand so that his reflection was in line with the name Edward J Hogan.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
The United States of America

One Response

  1. Great pic! Well done and yes, it is amazing the way the brain picks up on things sometimes.

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