Folly Beach Evening Walk

While on vacation this summer at Folly Beach, South Carolina, I took some time to go to the northern end of the island, to see what was there, and to view Morris Island Lighthouse too.  This part of the beach is not like the rest of the beach, and it had a unique look that immediately caught my attention.  What do you think of this area?  This image was made on July 25, 2012.

Folly Beach Photograph

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Morris Island Lighthouse

Here are a couple of images of Morris Island Lighthouse that I captured on July 25, 2012, as seen from Folly Beach, South Carolina.

Lighthouse photograph

Lighthouse Photograph
©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Just Another Golden Sunset

This sunset image was captured on October 9, 2012 in the Fairlawn area of Pulaski County, Virginia.

New River Valley Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Brilliant Autumn Sky

This was the view looking straight up on September 23, 2012.  It was captured while we were visiting family in Buchanan County, Virginia.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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