Granite Banana

Passing by our fruit basket one day, I saw this one banana starting to turn yellow before the others in the bunch…so I decided to make a quick image.  After trying a couple in the window sill, and then on the kitchen table, I thought the granite counter would be better.  Sure enough, it was much more interesting, mostly because of the reflection I think.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Merry Christmas 2012

The Altizer’s wish you a Merry Christmas!


©Bryant Altizer Photography
Read chapter 2 of Luke today, or at least Luke 2:11

Smoke – Free Desktop Background

These are a few smoke photos taken back in October one evening when I had a few minutes of free time.  Hannah Mae helped me with the set up, and I think she enjoyed watching the results come up on the back of the camera as much as I did.  I’ve used a couple of these as backgrounds on my desktop…feel free to do the same and let me know what you think if you do.  {Click on the image to bring it up full size, then right click and save as desktop image}

Purple Smoke

Green Smoke

Red Smoke

Yellow Smoke

Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke Swirl

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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My Two Cents

Simple.  Contrasting colors.  Macro.  Rule of thirds.  Not an odd number.  Vignette.

In God we trust.  Liberty.  2000.  Abraham Lincoln.  Profile.  Copper.  Philadelphia mint.

bha57385web©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Makin’ Coffee

While makin’ some coffee a few mornings ago, I captured these two images.  Mmmm, good.




Black Widow

Back in the Spring, Hannah found this Black Widow near our sidewalk.  Here are two photos.  Scary, huh?



O Christmas Tree

I was playing around with the shutter speed and panning the camera on the Christmas tree at my mother-in-law’s house a couple of weeks ago.  Here are 4 that pretty much summarize the 30+ photos that I took.  The first one pretty much shows how the lights and tree really are.  The other three are really “distorted” but very interesting.  I think I like the “horseshoe” one the best.  Which one do you like?