Yippee! 10,000 views

Yay, the counter just hit 10,000 today.  Thanks to all who have visited.  I never thought that the Lego Store post would be the most viewed.  Here are the top 10 (11 since there was a 3-way tie with 70) posts with the number of views for each:

The Lego Store at Downtown Disney 1,357
About Bryant 155
Hannah Mae – Tuesday Black & White 114
Flashback Friday – Country Farmhouse at 96
Barn at Sunset 87
Hannah, Sweet Hannah 78
Buffalo Mountain Evening 77
New River Sunset 76
Reflection of Blue Sky 70
Jenny & Joey’s Wedding Slideshow 70
October Glory Maple in Autumn 70

Blurry Images – Learning Something New

I’ve recently been noticing that many of my images on the blog are not as sharp as they are when I view them in Lightroom or even after they’re exported as a jpeg.  I just learned recently from Scott Kelby’s post a clue to what the problem is.  I’ll be checking my export settings and comparing a few over the next posts.

Recycle Your Electronics

I’ve been reading about recycling recently, recycleand I came across a 60 Minutes story posted on another blog that you’ve just got to watch.  When I started watching this story, I thought I would only watch it for a few minutes.  Wrong. I couldn’t stop until it was finished.  It was quite eye-opening.  I’m sure there’s some hyperbole in this story, but the underlying truth is vivid and unmistakable. 

To watch the video story, go to Terry White’s Tech Blog and scroll down to near the bottom of the page.  After you’ve watched this, let me know your reaction.

iPhones at Wal-Mart?

I just read this article, and thought you might find it interesting too.

Wal-Mart’s post-Christmas iPhone sale