Flashback Friday – Hannah’s 5th Birthday (2005)

Hannah Mae had her 9th birthday this past Tuesday the 30th.  Below are two photos, one from her 5th birthday, and one from her 9th birthday.  Looking back at the photos from 4 years ago was really neat because several of the kids celebrated both birthdays with her.  I plan to post some of them in the next few days to show how much they’ve grown.  Have a great Independence Day!



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Birthday Sweetie

My Sweetie had her birthday yesterday.  We were able to go to lunch together yesterday, just the two of us.  After work, I came home and the kids were ready to begin the birthday celebration.  Hogan & Hannah made her a birthday “cake”.  They wanted to make chess bars for her – without any help.  Dewana gave them the recipe, supervised the measuring and mixing, insured that the correct temperature was set in the oven,  and watched them enjoy their independence.  They did a really good job of working together.  After the cake was in the oven, Hogan then let Dewana play the scavenger hunt that he had prepared for her.  He did a great job with the clues and the variety of places the clues were hidden.  Dewana had a blast playing the game, all while Hogan and Hannah followed VERY close behind watching every move.  It was so much fun to watch their reactions to Dewana’s reading and figuring out the clues.  We had a great day together.

I wanted to get this posted yesterday for her birthday, but didn’t quite get it completed.  Dewana, I LOVE YOU!


Here’s a photo of Dewana with her birthday “cake”.  It was delicious.


A photo of Hannah, Dewana, and Hogan.

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