White Christmas

We enjoyed spending Christmas in Buchanan County with family, and woke up Christmas morning to freshly fallen snow on the ground.  Even though it was only a little bit of snow, the fresh coating sure was pretty.

White Christmas

White Christmas

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Brilliant Autumn Sky

This was the view looking straight up on September 23, 2012.  It was captured while we were visiting family in Buchanan County, Virginia.

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Happy Hollow Barn

This barn image was captured on Christmas day in Buchanan County, Virginia, near the Breaks.  Happy Wednesday to you.

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Knob Cemetery – Elisha Horn & Rosa Keen

Knob Cemetery is located in the Peapatch area of Buchanan County, Virginia, and is located VERY close to the bordering state of West Virginia.  My great grandparents are buried in this cemetery.  The grave marker is shown in the second photo.  Their daughter, Ida Mae (Horn) Hopkins was my maternal grandmother.  I like visiting this cemetery and trying to imagine the way this area looked when they were alive.  Today is Thanksgiving, and I’m thankful to have the information that I do have on  Elisha and Rosa.

This is the view of the cemetery when you enter through the southwestern gate.

Elisha Horn:  August 5, 1889 – August 4, 1942

Rosa (Keen) Horn:  April 8, 1892 – April 13, 1987

This shows how the graves are located on top of the Knob.

This appears to be the oldest marker in the cemetery.

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Barn at Knob Cemetery

This picturesque barn is located in the Peapatch area of Buchanan County, Virginia, just on the southeastern side of Knob Cemetery.  The West Virginia mountains can be seen in the background.  For a location on Google Maps, click HERE.  My great grandparents are buried in Knob Cemetery, and I will have some photos of the graves in tomorrow’s post.  This image was made on November 13, 2011.

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I love barns.

Mountain Top Barn

This barn can be seen while driving along Compton Mountain in Buchanan County, Virginia.  For a location on Google Maps, click HERE.  This was the scenery as it looked on November 13, 2011.

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I love mountaintop vistas.

Appalachian Mountains – Buchanan County

This is the view from Peapatch Road in Buchanan County, Virginia.  This was taken on a cloudy day, but the visibility was still good enough to see many mountains in the distance.  This view is looking in the direction of about North 30 degrees East.  Click HERE for the location on Google Maps…you’ll be surprised to see the many mountains as you zoom out.  NOTE:  As I reviewed this post again, I was probably standing on or near the Virginia/West Virginia border looking into West Virginia.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
What a fantastic view.  “Stop and smell the roses” as the saying goes.