Backyard Buck

I saw this buck near our back yard on August 18, 2012.

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Deer Stare

This “stare” happened on my way home on March 27, 2012 as I entered our subdivision.  I stopped in the road, and was able to get my camera up and get this shot before the deer ran away a few feet.  It was quite overcast so the colors don’t “pop”.  This stare-down occurs quite often in our subdivision.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Oh Deer, Look at that Sunset

This was the sunset view on the first day of December, 2011 in Fairlawn, Virginia.  I actually took  a better photo with my cell phone, but somehow the image didn’t save.  By the time I got home and came back with my Canon 7D, the sky was too dark to capture this beautiful sunset.  The images below, however, are still pretty good.  And the deer cooperated too.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Oh Deer, Don’t Make Faces

This young buck caught me trying to sneak out onto the patio to make his “portrait” back on 5/10/2011.  I’m not so sure that he was in the mood to have his photograph taken.  First, he stuck his tongue out at me, and then it looked as if he was trying to tell me something, but I just couldn’t read his lips.  The last photo shows a doe that posed for the portrait quite nicely.  It does seem that girls don’t mind having their photos taken as much as guys do.

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Snowy Deer

Deer are everywhere around our house, and with all the snow on the ground, they’re even easier to see.  This was taken on 2/3/2010.

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It’s Foggy, Oh deer!

As I was leaving my house last Thursday, 10/22, I saw these two deer near the apple trees that they love to “hang out” at almost every day.  I could barely see them through the thick fog that morning.


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Big Buck – Low Light

Here are 5 photos of a large buck that I saw on Saturday in Giles County, Virginia.  The first photos shows just how far away it was, but doesn’t really show how dark it was.  The time was about 8:20, and it was very dark in the shadows.  At least since the deer stood out against the sky, you can see just how big the rack was.  The other 4 photos show different angles, and I’ve cropped them to make it easier to see the size.






©Bryant Altizer Photography