Flashback Friday – Philippines 2005 – #4

Another Friday is here, and it’s time for a new Flashback Friday post.  This post is a continuation of the series looking back to my 2005 trip to the Philippines.  I was in the Philippines and traveling with a group of from our church.  There were 12 of us in the group.  This image shows one of the dogs there in the village where we stayed.  That’s a nice pose.  See you next Friday for another one.  Have a great weekend.

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Friendly Dog or Guard Dog – Which is it?

Hogan and I were driving through the Peapatch area of Buchanan County on Friday the 10th, and we stopped near an area where the view was exceptional.  It happened to be in a church parking lot, and there was a dog there near the front of the church.  We stopped to gaze at the vista, and the dog got up from his rest, and began to walk over to our car.  Both of our windows were down, and he came to my side first.  Of course Hogan was already unbuckled and trying to lean over me to see the dog, but it was so close to the car that he couldn’t see it.  Here’s roughly how the conversation went, or at least the gist of it:

Me:  Wow, that’s a big dog.
Hogan:  That’s not big.
Me:  No, I don’t mean big as in really tall, I mean broad and wide.
Hogan:  Oh.
Me:  He looks kinda mean too.
Hogan:  No he doesn’t.
Me:  Well, there’s blood on top of his head.
Hogan:  I wanna see.
Me:  Okay, just wait, he’s walking around to your side.  Do you see him?
Hogan:  I see him.
Me:  Do you see the blood?
Hogan:  Yes.  I think you should put the window up.
Me:  (Trying to keep from busting out laughing)  Maybe we should get going now.


I don’t think he was very mean, but I wasn’t going to get out of the car to find out either.  I got a few good photos, and a really cool memory.


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Well hello doggie.


Does this dog look like it’s waving to the camera?  At a minimum, it’s a pretty good pose for the camera.  What kind of dog is this?