Autumn Palette

I love me some fall colors…and these are about a vibrant as you’ll ever see.  This maple was in front of Floyd County High School in Floyd, Virginia.  This was taken on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

Fall Portraits

New River Valley Portraits

©Bryant Altizer Photography

Wouldn’t these make a wonderful background for your portrait?  Hurry, the leaves are falling.  Contact me.

Engagement Session – John & Nicole

I recently posted a few shots from a recent engagement session over on my photography blog.  Click here to see them.  Below are a couple of samples.

Engagement Photography Blacksburg Christiansburg Radford

Engagement Photography Blacksburg Christiansburg Radford

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Buffalo Mountain Evening

This is an evening shot of Buffalo Mountain in Floyd County, Virginia, taken just a few minutes after a beautiful sunset.


©Bryant Altizer Photography

Creating portraits & providing wedding photography for Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Virginia Tech and the New River Valley.  Portrait photography for families, children, and seniors. Contact me.

2008 Reflections


Here are a couple of photographs of a small pond in Floyd County.  I wasn’t sure how good these would turn out since it was so overcast.  The reflections were amazing, especially since there was absolutely no wind, and the water surface was perfectly still.  These photos were taken last year.  Of course last year was only yesterday.  These were taken on December 20th.  It’s hard to believe that 2009 is already here, and 2008 is only a memory.  I think time is speeding up.

I hope you all have a Blessed New Year!


Hogan feeds Big Bird

Okay, so it’s not quite the big yellow bird that you might have been thinking of.  It’s an emu.  While we were out geocaching a couple of weeks ago, we saw a pair of emus inside a fenced area along the road.  We decided to stop and see if we could get a closer look, and to our amazement, they came right to the fence like pets.  Hogan went to the car and got a couple of crackers, and we fed them out of our hands.  Now that was a different experience – for both of us.  Here are a couple of the photos.  It was very difficult to get a clear focus on the emu because it was always moving.



Hogan atop Buffalo Mountain


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!  Here’s a photo of Hogan at the top of Buffalo Mountain in Floyd County.  We hiked to the top to find a new geocache on Saturday, December 21.  The weather was so much nicer this time than it was the last time we were here.  What a view!  You can see mountains after mountains in the distance.  And there’s a full 360 degree view too.  If you haven’t been here, and you live within an hour of Floyd County, you need to make sure you visit this.  The parking lot is only about 1 mile (along a nice gentle trail) from the top.  It’s a wonderful walk you won’t soon forget, and never regret.

Barns and NoBull

What a beautiful looking barn.


This is a barn,



and this is a barn,



but this is no bull.


Okay, okay, I know, very corny, and not very funny.  But make sure you laugh at least a couple of times today.  It’s some great medicine!

Have a great day!