Cannon On The Right Of Him

This cannon was a cool find as we went driving around the Charleston area last summer.  It’s located at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island (HERE’S THE MAP), and it has a long history.  This was taken on July 26, 2012.


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Angel Oak

Hogan and Hannah standing in front of this tree really makes you realize just how BIG this tree is.  It is called the “Angle Oak“, and it’s located near Charleston, SC.  Clink on this LINK to read more about it on wikipedia.  This was taken on July 26, 2012.


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Christmas Kids

As it works out, tomorrow is Easter, and I started looking back through the past couple of months to find a photo or two for the blog.  As I was going through some photos that I hadn’t even looked at after downloading, I came across the folder where I had some of the Christmas 2011 photos.  Here are two photos that I took quickly in front of the Christmas tree of Hannah and Hogan.  Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but Easter is the time where he gave us a gift.  I’m so thankful to serve a risen Savior.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Happy Easter to everybody!

Hogan…among many names

While walking past the walls and walls of names at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, my eye was suddenly caught by the name “Hogan”, which is my son’s name.  It’s quite amazing how the human eye can pick out a name or word when looking at a large number of written words.  I am sure that each one of these names has a story to tell, and I tried to press that upon the kids in my group as we walked past.  I heard a couple of “wow”s, and even “there’s so many names”, so I think they had a new appreciation for the sacrifices made.  If you look closely, I had Hogan stand so that his reflection was in line with the name Edward J Hogan.

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The United States of America

Hogan & Hannah at Otter Creek

Hogan and Hannah loved walking the small trail along Otter Creek to get to this enormous boulder located just downstream from the Otter Lake Dam in Amherst County, Virginia (see previous post for location).  This was taken on August 13, 2011, which would also have been my mom’s 73rd birthday.

Amherst County Photography

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Father – Son Tradition

On Christmas Eve each year, Hogan and I always plan a visit to the Mary Lou Cemetery where Dewana’s dad Jess Mullins is buried.  I don’t think we’ve made a photo each year, but we have at least 4 or 5 years.  I need to go back through the files and find some of the others.  I looked back to last year, and we did make a photo, but for some reason I didn’t put it in a blog post.  However, I did make a post in 2008, and here’s the LINK to that.  You really need to go and look at that to see the difference in Hogan over just 3 years (from age 11 to age 14).

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Hogan Altizer – Writer

My son, Hogan, is gifted with words…always has been.  He was quite the conversationalist at 18 months, and very understandable.  That amazed me.  Developing alongside his early grasp of spoken words was his love of the written word as well.  Whether he was being read to at an early age, or pretending to read the words on a page that he didn’t yet understand, his fascination with books and stories has been a constant.  And that has amazed me as well.

Hogan - December 24, 2011

Now, after having been a voracious reader for years, he has yet again come up with something to amaze me…writing.  He’s been writing short stories and “long” stories for several years, but his decision over Christmas break to start writing a fantasy novel has piqued my curiosity into his imagination, and his ability to convey it to others.  Below is a brief excerpt from his story:

The inn by now had gotten very noisy with the laughing of the men surrounding me. One group in the corner of the inn was stuck in fits of laughter.
That’s when the door swung open with a bang. Cold night air rushed in and all the laughing men suddenly sobered up and became silent. A stranger, dressed in black robes down to his feet stepped in the door. His face was concealed by a large hood, which left his mouth as the only visible feature. An elegant sword hung at his side.
His armored metal boots clanged on the oak floor as he took a seat beside me at the bar.
Tolbi’s eyes were shrouded with a deep fear that I had never seen in any Grivvon’s eyes before.
“One ale please. Pint sized.” the stranger said.
Wait a second! I recognized that voice! The problem was that I’d never met anyone like this before. Tolbi handed him a pint and he took a long drink and sighed. He picked up the cup and walked over to sit in the corner.
“Who is that?” I asked Tolbi.
“I don’t rightly know. I’ve never seen him before.”
“You’ve traveled a lot. Do you have any clue where he might be from?”
A silly, drunk grin crossed his face. “I would guess that he’s from the northern half of Galanor, up around Toraq I’d suppose.”
I pondered this for a moment before asking Tolbi how much I owed him for the ale.
“Think of it as a gift. It’s on the house.” he said.
“Thanks, goodbye.” I got up and headed towards the door.
“Oh, and since I don’t know if I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll go ahead and say ‘Happy Birthday’ now. Good night.”
I thanked him, took one last look at the strange man sitting in the corner, and walked out of the inn.
Using the light of the moon. I found my way back home. Although it was late, I found that Hazel was still up.
“Where’s Auden?” I asked.
“He’s out on the raid.” she replied.
“But they’re usually back by this hour.” I said.
“I know. They left late, so they’ll be back soon.”
Fear broke into my mind as the realization that Auden could be dead splashed into reality.
I guess Hazel could see the worry written on my face because she said, “Don’t worry Nick, I’m sure he’ll be fine. You should go to bed and he’ll be here in the morning.”
I pretended to give a happy smile and said, “Alright, I will.”
I gave Hazel a hug and then walked upstairs to my room.
As I lay in my bed, I realized just how hard it would be to go to sleep. So many thoughts and questions were racing through my mind. Who was the stranger? Where is Auden? And most important of all was my past life. The life I had once had and yet knew nothing about.

Hogan - December 24, 2011

So, what do you think?  I have already loved being able to be used as a sounding board for him, and I’m looking forward to see what develops next.  Now we’re hoping that he will make the book as family-friendly as possible, perhaps even by replacing the “ale” with some new beverage never before heard of.  (Above are a couple of photos taken on December 24, 2011 – Age 14)

©Bryant Altizer Photography
His first book photo?  Maybe.