Radford Scenery

Here are 3 images I found interesting when driving around Radford on November 21, 2012.




©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Merry Christmas 2012

The Altizer’s wish you a Merry Christmas!


©Bryant Altizer Photography
Read chapter 2 of Luke today, or at least Luke 2:11

Virginia Tech – Solitude

This building is located on the campus of Virginia Tech, and is called Solitude.  Constructed in 1840, it’s located next to the upper duck pond, and provides a great reflection in the water.  Here’s a LINK to another site that has some history on the building, including some images taken during the restoration project in 2011.  This image was captured on February 20, 2012.

Virginia Tech Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Virginia Tech – President’s House

These two images show the beauty of the President’s House on the campus of Virginia Tech.  What a gorgeous January day (1/27/12) it was to capture these two photographs.

Virginia Tech Photographer

Virginia Tech Photographer

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Country Charm

This country farmhouse is such a charming place in my eyes.  I’d love to know more about the history of this house in general, and also more about the surrounding community of Burkes Garden.  Taken on December 28, 2011.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Our House – Wishing All a Merry Christmas

On this Christmas day of 2011, the Altizer family extends a very Merry Christmas to each one of you.  May you search out the true reason for the season and find the best gift of Christmas.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
Merry Christmas, from our house to your house.

Log Cabin at Virginia Tech

This was taken on the Virginia Tech campus on December 21, 2010.  It is located on the western side of the campus, between Smithfield Plantation and the Smithfield Horse Center.

Virginia Tech Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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