San Juan Avenue

Hogan, in Sanford, Florida, March 2008.  You can see Lake Monroe in the background.




American White Ibis

I always just called this an Ibis, but after a quick search, I found out a little more about the bird.  This was taken in Sanford, Florida in March 2008.



Sanford and Sun

Okay, is that a cool title?  Taken in Sanford, Florida in March 2008.



Blue Sky & Clay Tile Roof


Here’s a roof line shot of NTM in Sanford, Florida, taken last March.

The Right Word

I love this quote.  I took this photo in March of 2008 while visiting our good friends who are missionaries at New Tribes Mission in Sanford, Florida.  The quote is easily understood when you look at it from the viewpoint of language translation.  Sure, there’s a great difference between the words lightning and lightning bug, and just that simple example alone easily demonstrates the importance of choosing the right word.  But also…..


when you take it a step further, another important difference can be made.  Just by capitalizing the “w” in word, a different meaning altogether can be emphasized.

The difference between the right Word, and the almost right word…makes an eternal difference.

See John 1:1

New Tribes Mission – U.S. Headquarters

 We were visiting with our friends at NTM in March, and I shot a few photos of the building.  Here are just a couple.



Fishing on Lake Monroe

This photo was taken in Sanford, Florida.  I’m sure there are lots of fish stories here, because it’s a very popular spot.  Do you know where Sanford is?  Look it up.  It’s the county seat of Seminole County.