Man Under Bike

Yet another wonderful example of all the wonderfully weird signs around us.  This one is located on Hightop Road in Blacksburg.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Bike on a Triangle

I still love unusual looking road signs.

Here’s a great one that I saw a couple of weeks ago in Christiansburg, Virginia…reminiscent of the previously posted Truck Stuck on a Triangle.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Tom Sawblade

I love capturing images of signs from all over.  This sign is a frequent one that drivers around the rural portions of Virginia will come across.  The two things that go through my mind when I see this one is the cool hat, and the saw blade for a rear wheel.  I think the hat is one like Tom Sawyer may have worn, so I think of this sign as Tom Sawblade.  Photo was taken in Tazewell County on October 18, 2015.

Bryant Altizer Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography

Virginia Tech – New Sign at Washington Street

Virginia Tech recently installed a sign at the edge of the campus, at the corner of Washington Street and Kent Street.  Here are a couple of images of the sign as taken in light snow on December 30, 2014.  In the bottom image, Miles Hall can be seen in the background.

Virginia Tech Photographer 4BC16744-Bryant-Altizer-Photography-Blog-20141230

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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The Big Stop

An unusual angle can make even the most common sign look completely different.  Taken in Radford, Virginia on November 21, 2012.

Radford Photograph

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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One Way

I love signs, especially One Way signs…this one was taken on November 29, 2012, and it is located in Radford, Virginia.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Norfolk Southern Caboose

Something tells me that these two images don’t quite go together, even though they were within 40 feet of each other.  Maybe somebody trespassed onto NS property when the caboose was parked somewhere besides Radford, Virginia.  These 2 images were captured on March 3, 2012 near the Dedmon Center on the campus of Radford University.

Radford Photography

Radford Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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