Stormy Skies in Bessemer City

This was one of the coolest cloud formations that I’ve ever witnessed.  As I was traveling back from South Carolina on September 1, 2013, I drove through the the small town of Bessemer City, North Carolina.  I looked for a spot to pull off the road and capture the clouds, and found an old church to provide some extra interest…St. Andrews Episcopal Church.




©Bryant Altizer Photography

Cool clouds are a favorite background for my portrait sessions too.

Serious Cirrus Time

The morning of December 2, 2011 had some seriously cool cirrus clouds in Christiansburg, Virginia.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
Yep, more clouds.  Clouds are cool, and so are you.  You should have a portrait made with clouds as the background.  Contact me?

A Driving Sunset

The title for this image may be an unusual one, but it makes sense when I tell you that it was taken on Route 114 just before crossing the New River into Fairlawn.  Most of the time, I have my camera with me and it sits ready in the passenger seat when I’m driving.  When I see something that I want to capture, I just hold it up and fire away, without looking through the viewfinder (that would be dangerous).  It amazes me sometimes that I get almost exactly what I would have wanted to get if I had stopped and took the time needed, but many times there’s no place to stop.

©Bryant Altizer Photography

The sun is setting on Fall photos…Winter’s on the way.  Contact me.

Super Sunset Silhouette

This memorable image was made at the end of a fantastic engagement session on October 29, 2011.

Engagement Photographer Blacksburg

©Bryant Altizer Photography

Wouldn’t you like to have an engagement photo like this?  Contact me.

Striking Sunset

Striking Sunset

This sunset image was captured on my way from Christiansburg to Radford on October 18, 2011.  The sun was striking a post against the horizon, and I was trying to find a place to pull over for a photograph without power lines and other interfering items in the foreground.  I took this photo right in front of Belview United Methodist Church off Route 114 in Montgomery County.  Cool!

Sunset Photographer

©Bryant Altizer Photography

Here’s another sunset, after another day that’s now history…need to preserve some history?  Contact me.

October – Blue Skies with Clouds

These 2 photos were taken in the afternoon on October 13, 2011 at Baneberry Golf & Resort between some rain showers.  It was amazing to see that during some of the rain showers, you could look up and see blue sky directly overhead.

Engagement Portraits against a blue sky?

Need an engagement portrait against a blue sky?

©Bryant Altizer Photography

October portrait sessions are cool.  Contact me.

Tree of Solitude

A lonesome tree stands against the darkening October sky in this after-sunset image.  The lifeless tree provides a stark contrast to the leafy trees in the distance.  The photo was taken in  Baneberry, TN, on October 16, 2011.

Engagement Session with a Silhouette

©Bryant Altizer Photography

Silhouettes during engagement sessions are cool.  Contact me.