Sunday – Church Time

Edwards Chapel – United Methodist Church

After posting the image of Seven Mile Presbyterian Church a few days ago, I thought it would be a good idea to post more photos of church buildings that I’ve captured with my camera.  This church is located in White Pine, Tennessee (Click HERE for the location on Google Maps), and it was photographed on October 16, 2011.  Notice that it’s at the intersection of Church Street and Cemetery Street.  I am planning to post a photo of a church building each Sunday.  I’m not sure how many Sundays I’ll continue to post them, but I have lots to choose from already and I’m always taking more as I drive the back roads.  Let me know what you think.

Church Time

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Bridge over Calm Water

This panoramic photo was made by combining seven images (you must click on it to see it in the larger version).  The bridge is located over Douglas Lake in Tennessee (Click HERE to see the direction from Exit 8 on Interstate 81) on Route 25E.  I would love to come back when the lake is full and see how the bridge looks then.

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Truck Stuck on a Triangle

I love unusual looking road signs.

Here’s yet another funny sign – A Truck Stuck on a Triangle.

Fun PHotography

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Golfer’s Shadow

The Baneberry Golf Club provided the setting for this back lit image of Patrick hitting his approach shot to the #7 green.  This was taken on October 15, 2011.


©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Scenic Baneberry Golf Club

This is just one of the many vistas that are available while playing a round of golf at Baneberry Golf Club in Baneberry, Tennessee.  This is the view from the tee box on hole number 6, looking down the fairway.

Scenic Vista

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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October – Blue Skies with Clouds

These 2 photos were taken in the afternoon on October 13, 2011 at Baneberry Golf & Resort between some rain showers.  It was amazing to see that during some of the rain showers, you could look up and see blue sky directly overhead.

Engagement Portraits against a blue sky?

Need an engagement portrait against a blue sky?

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Tree of Solitude

A lonesome tree stands against the darkening October sky in this after-sunset image.  The lifeless tree provides a stark contrast to the leafy trees in the distance.  The photo was taken in  Baneberry, TN, on October 16, 2011.

Engagement Session with a Silhouette

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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