Pete Dye River Course Rainbow Sunset

I captured this awesome image on September 19, 2016.  Check out the double rainbow too.  Moments after this shot, the rain downpour began, and I retreated back to my house.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Man Under Bike

Yet another wonderful example of all the wonderfully weird signs around us.  This one is located on Hightop Road in Blacksburg.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Bike on a Triangle

I still love unusual looking road signs.

Here’s a great one that I saw a couple of weeks ago in Christiansburg, Virginia…reminiscent of the previously posted Truck Stuck on a Triangle.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Tom Sawblade

I love capturing images of signs from all over.  This sign is a frequent one that drivers around the rural portions of Virginia will come across.  The two things that go through my mind when I see this one is the cool hat, and the saw blade for a rear wheel.  I think the hat is one like Tom Sawyer may have worn, so I think of this sign as Tom Sawblade.  Photo was taken in Tazewell County on October 18, 2015.

Bryant Altizer Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography

Virginia Tech – Burruss Hall in May

While driving around the Drill Field in May, I stopped to capture this image of Burruss Hall on the Virginia Tech campus.


©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Virginia Tech in May

Here is an image of the gazebo at the Duck Pond on the Virginia Tech campus.  Taken on May 2, 2014.

Virginia Tech Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Shooting the Birds – 2

Here are a few more bird shots from last week in Christiansburg, Virginia.


Common Grackle


Blue Jay



Christiansburg Photography

Northern Cardinal

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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