Virginia Tech Campus in the Snow – 2014

Here are a few random shots at the beginning of a record snowfall on February 12, 2014, taken around the campus of Virginia Tech.

Blacksburg Photography







©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Virginia Tech – Eggleston Archway

The snow of February 12, 2014, begins to fall on the Virginia Tech campus.  Shown below are two students that have just walked through an archway which is part of Eggleston Hall.

Blacksburg Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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Virginia Tech – Drillfield Snow

This was the scene on February 12, 2014, on the drillfield of the Virginia Tech campus during the record-setting snowfall.  This lone snowplow pushes the snow aside on the walking path between Williams Hall and Campbell Hall.

Virginia Tech Photography

©Bryant Altizer Photography

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A Picture of Hannah

Today was Hannah’s 13th Birthday, so we decided a Special Portrait was a must!

Blacksburg Photographer

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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Sunday – Church Time

Resurrection Lutheran Church

This church is located in Cameron, South Carolina.  We were driving back home from vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, and I stopped in the road to grab this quick photo.  Taken on July 28, 2012.  Click HERE to visit the church’s website.


©Bryant Altizer Photography
Ephesians 2:8-9

Sunday – Church Time

This church is located near Charleston, South Carolina, on Sullivan’s Island.  It is called Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church.  You can click HERE to read about it on the church’s website.  The church is located across the street from Fort Moultrie.  These photos were taken on July 26, 2012.





©Bryant Altizer Photography
Romans 5:1, and so many more…

Virginia Tech – Solitude (Another)

It’s so cool to capture an image, and then immediately like it on the back of the camera.  Just before posting this, I decided to search my blog to see if had posted another similar image of Solitude….I had.  Check out THIS post that show an image taken almost 1 year earlier.  Pretty similar, don’t you think?  You can read more about it on that post.

Virginia Tech photographer

©Bryant Altizer Photography
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