Hogan feeds Big Bird

Okay, so it’s not quite the big yellow bird that you might have been thinking of.  It’s an emu.  While we were out geocaching a couple of weeks ago, we saw a pair of emus inside a fenced area along the road.  We decided to stop and see if we could get a closer look, and to our amazement, they came right to the fence like pets.  Hogan went to the car and got a couple of crackers, and we fed them out of our hands.  Now that was a different experience – for both of us.  Here are a couple of the photos.  It was very difficult to get a clear focus on the emu because it was always moving.




Christmas Tradition – Son/Father Photos

Here are a couple of photos of Hogan.


Hogan, thanks for posing.


This one has to be called “The Thinker”.


Here’s one of our father/son portraits.  One of the best we’ve had.

Hogan on Christmas Eve

Here’s a great photo of Hogan, taken on Christmas Eve.  Hogan and I have a tradition of going to the Mary Lou Cemetery each year on Christmas.  We were a little late getting there this year, but we still made it.  We had some good conversation.  We talked about his papaw Jess, and the few things that Hogan could remember about him.  Jess died only 5 days before Hogan’s 4th birthday.  Hogan said he remembers being called “my little man” by Jess.  He also remembered Jess coming up the stairs from the basement.  I hope that the few memories that Hogan has of Jess will always be there for him to think back on.


We also have a tradition of taking some photos, including one of us together.  I’ll post some of those tomorrow.  See you then.

Rainy Day in Blacksburg

I was in Blacksburg on December 11, and decided to drive through the Virginia Tech Campus.  It was pouring rain, and this colorful umbrella/coat combination caught my eye.  I stopped in a nearby parking spot, and snapped a quick photo.  I’m not sure the colors “pop” as much in this photo as I remembered them in person, but it was raining quite a bit.  This is located just past McBryde Hall along the Drill Field.




Baby Jude at Christmas

Here’s a photograph of Jude.  He’s 10 months old, and just adorable.  I took this photo at church on Sunday, and he was looking toward the window.  Look at those blue eyes!  I also like the faint glow of the Christmas tree in the background.  Comments?


Hogan atop Buffalo Mountain


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!  Here’s a photo of Hogan at the top of Buffalo Mountain in Floyd County.  We hiked to the top to find a new geocache on Saturday, December 21.  The weather was so much nicer this time than it was the last time we were here.  What a view!  You can see mountains after mountains in the distance.  And there’s a full 360 degree view too.  If you haven’t been here, and you live within an hour of Floyd County, you need to make sure you visit this.  The parking lot is only about 1 mile (along a nice gentle trail) from the top.  It’s a wonderful walk you won’t soon forget, and never regret.

Christmas Candles



Here’s a photograph from our candlelight service at church on Sunday.  Hope you remember the reason for the season.